CERA Annual Conference 2018

Chinese Education in Global Contexts: Researching the Local, the Global and the 'Glocal'

CERA annual conference took place on 14 and 15 June 2018. 

The conference theme aims to create a critical space for consideration of focused local studies alongside presentations that cast a broader eye upon global impacts and initiatives. Often, education research that is focused upon seemingly small-scale, localised settings produces findings that have wider implications and relevance. Conversely, research into broad global themes often produces findings of relevance to a variety of local settings. One of the conceptual threads connecting these two seeming opposites is that of culture. At the global dimension many studies now explore intercultural transformations, while there is also a renewed interest in the particular aspects of localised cultures. This has led to the term Glocal being coined.We welcome research papers that focus on local, global and ‘glocal’ aspects of the changing realities, issues and possibilities for Chinese education and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead in the next period of development. The conference hopes to attract contributors raising questions about these issues through their current research.