Conference Theme

The conference theme this year is The changing experiences of students in Chinese educational contexts.

The conference theme this year is The changing experiences of students in Chinese educational contexts. It is said that students’ learning reflects the history and culture of the context in which it takes place, and that this includes taking into consideration aspects of teaching, curriculum, pedagogy and assessment, especially as the world changes as a result of globalization. Such changes have created educational contexts, in China and globally, in which people from different places around the world, meet and exchange ideas and experiences. In response to this movement of people, some of the purposes of education have also changed. The emergence of China as a global power exerting a broad influence on the world stage adds a new and exciting dimension to international cultural and educational debates. One very broad issue concerns the inter-relationships between the new and the old as both China and the rest of the world look for ways of retaining certain core educational values and traditions while also seeking to embrace new ideas, new technologies and new subjectivities that are shaping the modern world. Our conference explores such developments and issues from the diverse experiences of students. We welcome research papers and reports that focus on such developments, offering contrasting perspectives. We are interested to hear about ways in which knowledge and learning are being redefined through learner interactions with global developments and with intercultural others in diverse international environments. We are looking forward to new areas/modes of research for students, teachers and academics in the context of changing national and global approaches to research in education.

Based on the previous four conferences, CERA members have developed the following special interest groups within Chinese educational research:

·         Chinese language education

·         English language education

·         Higher education

·         Early childhood education

·         Education technology and media

·         Education and (economic, social and cultural) development

·         Inclusive and special needs education

·         School curriculum and subject development

·         Teacher education and development

·         Chinese students in the UK

·         Educational leadership and management

·         Art and music education

·         Educational policy

These and others will form the sub-themes for our conference. We welcome proposals from CERA members and conference attendees for ideas about new themes to enrich the range of discussion at the conference.