Conference Theme

The conference theme this year is ‘Transformations in space: migration and mobility in Chinese education’. This theme seeks to reflect on the pluralities of space in Chinese education, something that has been transformed in recent years. Examples of the pluralities of space are the changing divide between rural areas and cities in China, the growing numbers of Chinese students studying abroad, the development of Sino-foreign university cooperation and the spread of privately funded ‘international’ schools in China: interrelated spaces between rural/urban, national/international and public/private. 

Young people no longer think solely in terms of futures limited to the places where they grew up, so China and the wider world of their imaginations are now accessible and within reach. Access to international education through studying abroad has been an important development alongside the expansion of mainstream education in China ever since the nineteen century and in recent decades has intensified through the growth of ‘international’ education including the development of universities and privately funded schools in China. Therefore ideas of ‘space’ within Chinese education not only refer to the physical locations where education takes place but also to our understanding of the ever expanding scope of education and learning. Ideas also include considerations of ‘virtual’ space as developments in the global online environment have brought people closer, collapsing distances and accessibility.

The conference theme draws attention to ‘migration’ and ‘mobility’ within Chinese education which have enabled movements between these spaces. We therefore welcome research papers that focus on interrelated spaces within Chinese education such as rural/urban, national/international and public/private in relation to discussions on migration and mobility.

Based on the previous five conferences since 2013, CERA members have developed the following special interest groups within Chinese educational research:

·         Chinese language education

·         English language education

·         Higher education

·         Early childhood education

·         Family education

·         Education technology and media

·         Education and (economic, social and cultural) development

·         Inclusive and special needs education

·         School curriculum and subject development

·         Teacher education and development

·         Chinese students in the UK

·         Educational leadership and management

·         Art and music education

·         Vocational education

·         Continuing and lifelong education

·         Educational policy

·         Private education

·         Character and moral education

·         Outdoor education

·         Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education

These and others will form the sub-themes for our conference. We welcome proposals from CERA members and conference attendees for ideas about new themes to enrich the range of discussion at the conference.