CERA Conference 2014


About CERA


The Chinese Educational Research Association in the UK (CERA-UK) embraces the widest definition of ‘Chinese’ so we can welcome friends from the Chinese diaspora around the world and also academics with a strong interest in Chinese educational research. It became evident that there was a wide range of research taking place which the Chinese academic community based in Britain and across Europe that we were sometimes unaware of. A particular example of this has been the inclusion of research relating to language.


CERA is offering an expanded annual conference as well as a series of academic workshops, social events and lecture information for our members. We are a network whose aim is to coordinate post-graduate students, academic researchers and scholars who share an interest in China and Chinese related educational developments and issues. We exist in order to offer a platform to enable your voices to be heard by others in the educational and policy-making field. We welcome members from wherever you are located as well as friends who share our interests and commitments to furthering understanding of Chinese and China-related educational issues.


If you would like more information about the work of CERA please contact cerauked@gmail.com. Please get in touch and let others know about our work and mission so that we can bring together our large and important community.